Custom Photo Services

Phoenix Professional Labs employs a very talented staff. Our team is able to create custom graphics such as: business cards, seasonal and special occasion greeting cards, team photo templates, outdoor signage, or whatever it is that you that you may need. We will take time to discuss your project in detail and then create a product to your specifications.

We also do first-rate photo-restoration jobs. We have the latest equipment and software needed for our digital staff to bring life back to old and weathered photos. Each piece is handled with the utmost care and will be return to you in the condition it was received.

Custom Cards

From the boardroom to the ballpark, we have cards to suit every occasion.

Photographic Business Cards

Even though home inkjet printing has become easier and of higher quality, there still remains something missing in a business card printed at home. Cards printed at other local shops, though professional, are restrictive in the colours you can use. Enter the world of the photographic business card. It's a business card in true, full colour, high resolution, and continuous tone. Include your portrait or a favorite piece of card, the ideas are endless. Why settle for bland 4 colour cards? With photographic business cards, you can leave a longer lasting impression.

Sports Trading Cards

From soccer to lacrosse, from hockey to baseball, we have trading cards for any sport you would want a card for. These attractive cards are designed in-house by our graphics department to feature your favorite player in a themed composition. We can also include stats and names and nearly anything else you wish on the cards. If we don't have your particular sport, our team of artists can create one for you, all you need to do is ask. If you can imagine it, we can do it. Come by our store for a quotation or to talk to one of our graphic artists for a card that's suited to you.

Thank You Cards

Say 'Thank You' with a personalized touch with our custom thank you cards. With your image and your text you can create a card that comes from the heart. Come by for a quotation with any of our friendly sales staff or to talk to one of our talented graphic artists.

Seasonal Cards

At Christmas time or for graduation, we have many cards ready for you to insert your choice of picture in. Printed on durable photographic paper, they can be sent out like a postcard, just attach a stamp on the back and write the address and can be placed in a mailbox. Come by our store to talk to one of our friendly sales staff for a quotation.

Photographic Restoration

For prints ravaged by time, dust and scratches to pictures subject to life's little accidents, we can produce impressive images from the most damaged of pictures. Come in for a quotation and see how our staff of expert graphic artists can work for you.

Special / Custom Effects

Whether putting eye-catching text on group shots, or adding custom rebates, Phoenix has a solution to suit your needs. Our comprehensive services include:

  • digital composites
  • background removal
  • object insertion
  • colour shifting
  • rebates, borders and templates
  • adding text
  • themed images
  • many other custom effects

Even if you don't see your particular service listed, please contact us with your idea -- likely, if you can imagine it, it can be done.

Photographic Rebates

We have a myriad of attractive, professionally designed rebates and borders that you can use for any of your pictures. You can apply them to individual images or apply them to entire rolls of film, the choice is up to you. Come to our store and take a look through our catalogue and choose one that's right for you.

Custom Templates

From weddings to soccer games, we have professional templates for every occasion. With a full complement of talented graphic artists, you can use any one of our templates, or create your own and apply them to enlargements and reprints of any size. Drop into the store and look through our catalogue of templates or talk to one of our staff to create your own professional custom template.

Photo books and albums

We offer a huge selection of professional quality digital photo books and albums. Our design service is quoted on size, the scope of the design and the number of images you intend to include. Contact us for sizes, covers & bindings and prices.